Paint Hunter

If you're a famous work of art, say Diego Velázquez's Las Meninas, you can run from the Travel Channel's Lee Sandstead, but you can't hide. Host of the show Art Attack, Sandstead shows great art no mercy, hunting it down with ruthless precision and peppering it in a hail of enthusiastic praise. If art were babysitting in a remote cabin in the woods, Sandstead would be the creepy voice on the telephone. And when art called the cops, they'd say, "Lee Sandstead is calling you from upstairs!" And before you know it, Sandstead would be holding a finger at your neck and declaring you're the premier example of the European baroque.

Thanks to the Lowe Art Museum, you can hear the art attacker himself speak live this Thursday evening at LoweDown Happy Hour. Arrive by 7, pay the ten-dollar entry fee, and get yourself a complimentary glass of Barefoot champagne or a Bacardi cocktail. Then, at 7:30, Sandstead will take to the podium to lead a discussion about art appreciation. Rest assured, he won't whisper politely.
Thu., Sept. 3, 7 p.m., 2009


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