A raid at the Stonewall Inn.
A raid at the Stonewall Inn.

Our Picks for the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival begins tomorrow, so we'd thought we give you a rundown of what to do and what to see.

I Killed My Mother: Screens tomorrow at Gusman as the opening-night film. Yes, the drama revolves around a gay teenage son, but if you've ever raised your voice with your own mother, this is a film for you. It draws comedy from the stilted, kitschy, tacky style of the unsympathetic mother. Tickets cost $15. Here's the trailer:

Violet Tendencies: Screens this Saturday. Mindy Cohn (Natalie from The Facts of Life!)

plays a fag hag looking for a relationship with a fag stag in this

comedy. Bonus: Cohn will be at the screening. Tickets cost $12.

Stonewall Uprising: Screens April 27. Get a little history with the Florida premiere of this documentary about the Greenwich Village raid that changed the course of gay rights. Tickets cost $12.

Bear Nation: Screens April 28. A documentary about the gay subculture of hairy, stocky men. It was produced by bearish Kevin Smith. Why you should see it: There's a scene where women mistake the annual bear pride convention for a truckers' union convention. Tickets cost $15.

I Am Love:

Screens April 29. Tilda Swinton plays an Italian-speaking Russian in

this Italian film about secrets and passion. In the words of Time Out

London: "It plays like smart opera and looks like a marriage of poetic

documentary with classical European drama. Swinton and (director)

Guadagnino call it 'Visconti on acid' and that's as good a phrase as

any to describe the film's intoxicating allure." Tickets cost $12.

Trailer below:

An Evening With Coco Peru: Performance is April 30. If you remember the "It Buuuurrrrnns!" scene in Trick,

you'll want to catch Miss Coco Peru's stand-up in a little theater in

Miami Shores. (What? Yes, in MSV.) Tickets cost $25 to $40. Here's Coco

in Trick:

A Piece of Work

: Screens May 1. This documentary follows gay icon Joan Rivers for a year. See it for gems like this from the 75-year-old comedian: "Why should women learn to cook? So their husbands can say my wife makes a great cake to a hooker?" Tickets cost $12.

The Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival runs until May 2. Get your tickets here.


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