Our Nose is Red from the Rum

We’re dreaming of a drunken Christmas, and if that chimney-slidin’ fat man knows what’s good for him, he’ll bring it to us. He’ll leave the lumps of coal for John Edwards and the guy who invented mandals and bring us jewel-toned boxes filled with bottles of something that’ll make us say all the wrong things, do the chicken dance, and hurl on your satin dress. If Santa doesn’t get your spirited list in time, steal his sleigh, head out to a few of the Magic City’s fave watering holes, and drown in their holiday cocktail specials. Kitchen 305 (16701 Collins Ave., Sunny Isles Beach), the newest hotspot in the North, is serving up The Snowball — an icy confection that brings together Frangelico, Kahlua, coconut rum, and butterscotch schnapps and tops it off with one of those uber-decadent Roche coconut chocolate balls.

And if you’re more of a minty elf, try out the 305 Candy Cane, which combines Godiva white chocolate, crème de menthe, and strawberry and raspberry liqueurs for the most festive cocktail this side of a paper bag. In case you want some chocolate in your stocking, SushiSamba Dromo (600 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach) is offering its signature Sambatini garnished with a stripe of the sweet stuff and chock full of cacacha, crème de cacao, and lime juice. Visit www.sushisamba.com and www.newportbeachsideresort.com.
Mon., Dec. 15, 2008


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