Ooh, Baby, We Like It Raw

We’re not as rich as Oprah, but we have something in common with the most powerful woman in America: There isn’t a fad diet we haven’t tried. The grapefruit one made our eyes water; we lost 20 and gained 30 on Dr. Agatston’s plan. And day one of the cabbage soup diet was cool until we learned it made our house smell like a sweat-sock museum. In case you couldn’t guess, our thunder thighs are still clapping like the audience at an Obama rally. So at 2 p.m. we’re headed to Whole Foods for the Raw Food Class.

Yeah, yeah, fad diets don’t work. We know. But the raw-food movement is a lifestyle change, a total commitment to eating completely unheated food or dishes warmed to a temperature less than 115 degrees. And that doesn’t mean your aunt’s undercooked Thanksgiving turkey; we’re talking about dishes that range from simple salads to lasagnas and pizzas. Followers claim this diet has major benefits in addition to weight loss, such as increased energy, clear skin, and overall health improvements. We’ll try anything as long as Chef Sheryn shows us how. The hourlong class is free.
Thu., Oct. 23, 2008


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