Only One Can Survive

Opera, like Richard Simmons, lends itself to parody. Spotlight-hungry divas upstage one another with impunity. Sopranos, bleeding profusely through white nightgowns, find singing more urgent than medical attention. Unlike Richard Simmons, opera singers also possess talent strong enough to break wine glasses. Birgit Fioravante, one of the creators of the upcoming show Duelling Divas, has embraced the full comedic potential of opera while still displaying her considerable pipes.

After performing in many traditional productions — described by her children as “Mom sings loud and dies onstage” — Fioravante was flush with material. Together with soprano Wendy Reynolds and pianist Heather Coltman, Fioravante developed a show in which, somewhere amid the 18 costume changes, two ego-crazed opera singers turn against one another. “We start out playing nice; then it sort of disintegrates,” says Fioravante. The show climaxes with pointy weapons, considerable carnage, and (of course) a bloodied nightgown. See how high art and high camp combine at 8 p.m. at the Colony Theatre. Admission is $15.
Sat., July 12, 2008


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