One Man's Detritus

Some artists like to create works from scratch. Others prefer destroying what already exists to imbue the resulting detritus with new life. At Primary Projects, "His Wife & Her Lover" is a new exhibit based on the premise that damaging something redirects its existence. The group show features work by Valerie Hegarty, Mark Jenkins, George Sanchez Calderon, Scott Shannon, Manny Prieres, Emmett Moore, Franky Cruz, Andrew Nigon, Cleon Peterson, Nick Klein, Johnny Robles, Jessy Nite, and Edouard Nardon. Displaying a healthy dose of defiance and broad artistic practices, the 13 artists have created a call-and-response to destruction, secrecy, violence, social class, pride, and desire. Hegarty evokes the frontier in her arresting works, commenting on the politics of the American myth. Peterson presents a world where contrasting schemes of morality result in eruptive hostility between social classes. Meanwhile, Nardon weighs in with 20 shivs confected in the jailhouse tradition, with objects assembled from common prison materials. This Friday, catch the free artist panel discussion at the space, moderated by George Sanchez Calderon, who will riff on the complexities and overall mood of the romantic yet ominous exhibit. Curated by BooksIIII Bischof, Typoe, and Chris Oh, "His Wife & Her Lover" will be on view through October 1.
Fri., Sept. 16, 7:30 p.m.; Sept. 16-Oct. 1, 10 a.m., 2011


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