One if by LandShark, Two if by Sea

Yes, the New England Patriots are the class of the division. But, as Joey Porter likes to continually remind everyone, the Miami Dolphins are still the defending AFC East champs. And even though Porter had as many tackles as your sister could have pulled off when New England beat Miami four weeks ago, it’s a known fact that the Pats hate facing the Fins. Heck, Jason Taylor alone has built a Hall of Fame career turning Tom Brady into his own personal hand puppet. But what makes this Sunday night’s rematch at LandShark Stadium all the more balls-out awesome is that there will be playoff implications for both teams. The Dolphins are still within reach of the division lead and neck-and-neck in the Wildcard race. And just when the Patriots thought life would get easier with Ronnie Brown out for the year, now they have to deal with Ricky Williams and his amazing feats of bad-assery. Call 800-FINS-TIX or visit for ticket info.
Sun., Dec. 6, 1 p.m., 2009


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