On Your Bike!

In the Eighties, there were an estimated 500 million bicycles in China. As more people obtained have cars in recent years, pollution has become so awful that the government has ordered built-over bike paths to be restored. Like those once hidden lanes, Dr. Paul Gannon believes, the South Beach bike constituency is invisible to its city. That would explain why, at a recent meeting of Beach officials, plans for the first east-west bike lane (from Alton Rd. to Washington Ave.) in South Beach were quashed even though they were part of Miami Beach's own Bikeways Plan. Residents opposed to the lane showed up. Bicyclists didn't. Gannon says the city has no idea how many cyclists it has, and cyclists aren't informed about relevant city plans. To improve safety and convenience, and to get Bikeways going, Gannon wants riders to unite and become proactive. Assuring representation at city commission meetings is one goal. He's inviting all pedalers to gather and meet one another, discuss strategies, form and name their group, and even have a little fun at a 6:30 p.m. bicyclists’ meeting at the Seymour Building.
Wed., Feb. 21, 6:30 p.m.


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