On with the Show

As well as playing havoc with trees, signs, and traffic signals throughout the area, Hurricane Wilma put the kibosh on the second annual Colombian Film Festival set for Miami Dade College. Now the winds have died down and the buzz is on the rise again as the festival receives a green light today through Sunday, January 15, at the MDC North Campus. This event is a showcase for current state-of-the-art Colombian cinema and kicks off with the film El Rey, directed by José Antonio Dorado. The public is invited to stick around after the screenings for interactive workshops with directors and actors.

Even a hurricane can’t keep creative film artists and their cinephile fans apart: “Adversity is not a barrier to stop Miami Dade College from bringing artistic and cultural events to the public,” says North Campus president José Vicente. With the laudably reasonable admission price of five bucks per film, the festival will take place at the William & Joan Lehman Theatre.
Fri., Jan. 6


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