On the Edge of Actually

Just like the white-winged dove, but not exactly. Nearly Nicks is the closest thing to experiencing the witchy ways of rock’s great femme, Stevie Nicks. The real Ms. Nicks finally got the old band back together last month for “one last show” in Las Vegas. But this Friday, Nearly Nicks is ready to rock the house for Miami. She’ll hit the Fillmore (1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) for a night of musical magic. Julie C. Myers brings Stevie’s mystery to life, complete with fabulous, wispy outfits and a band that bangs. Sure, she looks like Stevie. (Really — it’s uncanny.) But she also sounds as close to the real thing as humanly possible. She’s been hailed as the best Stevie impersonator in the business, and while Stevie isn’t getting any younger, Myers offers the best way to relive the golden days (and all of that golden hair).
Thu., March 13, 8 p.m., 2014


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