Old Meets New

Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, turned 100 years old this baseball season. The ballpark is essentially a giant cathedral of sports geekery, with its Babe Ruth history, its famous broken curse, and its towering outfield wall nicknamed the Green Monster. The city has been condescendingly applauding itself for the past several years, thanks to its successes in pro sports, but the century-old Fenway is still the most impressive thing about Boston to any sports fan who isn’t interested in pretty-boy quarterbacks or aging basketball players. Being surrounded by history is probably pretty nice and all. But what will happen when the team that practices in one of baseball’s oldest arenas travels to MLB’s newest, shiniest, most bedazzling venue? Will they be blinded by the Miami Marlins’ neon uniforms? Will they suffer debilitating heartburn after trying a mojo-marinated pork sandwich topped with Cholula hot sauce? Will they be able to tear their eyes away from Red Grooms’s home-run sculpture long enough to catch a pop fly? There’s only one way to find out. Head to Marlins Park (1390 NW Sixth St., Miami) Monday to watch the Marlins and Sox battle it out.
Mon., June 11, 2012


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