Oh, the Urbanity!

Because SoFla strippers are adept at defying gravity in oh-so many ways, it takes a lot to impress folks ’round here. But when Cirque du Soleil comes to town, all bets are off. Each show offers vivid costumes, intense musical scores, and acrobats who lack fear and possess elastic cartilage. Saltimbanco, which premiered in Montreal in April 1992, is no exception. The goal of the production, as described by the show’s senior artistic director, Richard Dagenais, is to “explore the positive side of the effect urbanization has on us people as individuals” and encounters one would have in a city. But even if all of that imagery escapes you, well, let’s just say the trapeze, balancing, and juggling acts are super-neato anyway.

Experience the true definition of urban sprawl tonight.
Wed., May 27, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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