Oh Come, All Ye Sci-Fi Dorks

Science-fiction and fantasy fanatics of Miami, have you been feeling a little cut off from the world? Alone? Listless? Sick of communicating only with your proudly geeky friends online, separating yourself from your beloved memorabilia collections only to head up to the latest comics convention in Fort Lauderdale? Hope is on the way! Log off, pack up some of your awesomest action figures, and head straight to the Wallflower Gallery. Today is the first meeting of the Miami Sci-Fi and Fantasy Meetup Group, and you’re welcome -- nay, encouraged -- to show up clad in your costume of choice.

“There’s a lot of people who are into this stuff, and we’re trying to bring them all together to have fun,” says funkmaster Flash. If you’re into Evil Dead or Babylon 5 or Star Trek or Dr. Who or Dark Shadows or Star Wars or Dungeons & Dragons ... there’s room enough here for everyone. Flash has a grand vision of each of the gallery’s many colorful and eclectically decorated rooms becoming a different fantasy for unabashed nerdery -- role-playing games in the gallery, memorabilia show-and-tell in the library, bring-your-own-obscure-movie screenings in the main room. Admission is free, but donations are more than encouraged. Call 305-579-0069, or visit www.wallflowergallery.com.
Sun., Sept. 9


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