Off-the-Cuff Comedy

Just the Funny, like all companies of its type, is only as good as its performers, who must work with constantly shifting material.

The actors, who perform at 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. every Saturday, provide constant amusement. Although the subject matter and jokes vary with each show, some of the skits remain the same. They include: "Pick a Line," in which a scene is created using phrases submitted by audience members before the show; "JTF Jeopardy," in which the response that gets the loudest laugh wins; and "Luv Machine" (think The Dating Game), which garners some of the biggest guffaws.

Carlos Rivera is the most talented and versatile of the group, morphing into old women and hooligans (to name two) without missing a beat. David Christopher and Alex Perdomo frequently go the extra mile for a hearty laugh.


Just the Funny

at the JTF Theatre inside the Museum of Science, 3280 S.Miami Avenue, Miami.

With David Christopher, Justine Barron, Alex Perdomo. Every Saturday. 305-693-8669.

Allan Forbes's "Elder Al" character in "Luv Machine" is worth the price of admission alone. During one scene, religious zealot Al responded to a question from an audience member with a long speech about why the young woman needs him, and God, in her life. After much prodding, he got her to shout: "Oh God, please come inside me!!" The audience laughed uproariously.

Although you will leave the self-described "home for improv and sketch comedy" in Miami wanting more of some skits and less of others, you'll also leave with a smile.


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