O Me, O My

Oprah Winfrey has always had her own strong and passionate ideas about, well ... everything. The best books, the coolest celebrities, the most fabulous food, the smartest weight-loss methods, and the hottest must-have knickknacks all get equally gushing play daily on her TV show, and monthly in O, The Oprah Magazine -- a publication that boldly reflects the vision of its fearless leader. O prides itself on doing almost exactly the opposite of what every other woman’s magazine does: encouraging readers to celebrate their unique loveliness and embrace their differences, rather than the typical chick-rag goal of beauty by any means necessary.

“What we try to do is remind women where beauty comes from. We take a smart approach. Our magazine has been somewhat subversive -- it’s important to look at yourself in a noncritical way,” says O’s beauty director, Valerie Monroe. The author of the monthly column “Ask Val” is coming to town with a few of Oprah’s closest and smartest friends to host O You!, an energetic day of workshops and seminars. Discuss work and juggling all the balls of life at the Dream Big session, pick up stylish home tips from Oprah’s go-to designers in the Comfort Zone, get weight-loss advice from doctors and fitness experts at Body Wise, and see Monroe -- alongside Stacy London of TLC’s What Not to Wear and Oprah’s personal chef, Art Smith -- cohost the Love That forum. Besides that, columnist Suze Orman and best-selling author Martha Beck will be keynote speakers, and O’s BFF Gayle King will be hosting on-site interviews for her XM satellite radio show, Oprah & Friends. We are so there! The event takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Registration is $125. Visit www.oyouonline.com to sign up.
Sat., Sept. 29, 2007


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