No Shortage of Film Fests

Haven’t had your fix lately of moody characters uttering ethereal dialogue in a foreign tongue to further a character-driven plot? Well, get your Truffaut-loving behind out of the house and meet us at Global Lens 2006, a festival of truly independent films from distant lands. There are no snakes on planes in these flicks, just stories of love, war, and friendship. Global Lens screens the work of filmmakers in hinterlands like Africa, Iran, China, and Brazil. This year’s features include a Brazilian work about two boyhood friends who grow into men on different sides of the law; the tale of an Iranian widow who breaks tradition by not marrying her brother-in-law and instead becomes an entrepreneur; and the story of a girl in 1980s Lebanon who has more to worry about than the war raging around her. Short films will be screened too. The Global Lens fest runs from September 16 to 24 at the Tower Theater. All films are screened in their original languages, in case you’re from one of those countries, and they’re shown with English subtitles in case you aren’t. Tickets cost seven dollars. Call 305-237-3456, or visit
Sept. 16-24


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