No Place Like Oz

So in the end, it was just some guy sitting behind a curtain, tweaking knobs, and pushing buttons. But the Land of Oz was grand while it lasted. A Technicolor world where you could off bad people by dropping houses on them and then steal their fancy magic shoes before going after their bitchy sister. But it wasn't all sparkles, rainbows, and yellow brick roads; there was also a raging flock of flying monkeys to endure. Airborne primates aside, at least they paid attention to you in Oz.

Now you can recapture all of that childhood wonder at "The Wizard of Oz Educational Exhibition" at the Miami Children's Museum. Trek through munchkin houses, climb the mountain to the Wicked Witch's castle, and gawk at Judy Garland's actual ruby slippers among other authentic Warner Bros.-licensed flare from the 1939 classic.
Starts: Feb. 8. Daily, 2010


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