No More Jingle Bells

With all the holiday music blaring from cars, gas stations, and basically every public place, you might be craving a change in tuneage. Miami music staples Spam Allstars provide a unique mix of genres that include no mentions of reindeer, snow, or any other Christmas-related crap. Formed by Andrew Yeomanson, AKA DJ Le Spam, Spam Allstars blend improvisational electronic elements and turntables with Latin, funk, hip-hop, and dub to create a genre they call an electronic descarga. The group has been performing weekly in Little Havana since 2002 and has since branched out to New York City, New Orleans, Atlanta, and other cities. Along the way, they’ve released five independent albums, including Latin Grammy-nominated Fucata Live! in 2002.
Fri., Dec. 27, 8 p.m., 2013


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