No Franzia Allowed

In Florida we’re lucky to be able to buy wine from a number of places, and knowing you, we suspect you’ve probably purchased vino from the finest CVS, Publix, and 7-Eleven locations in the state. But we think it’s high time you step outside your convenience store comfort zone and try something different during the Salud! Chilean Wine Fest. The director of wines for Chile USA, Meghan Dotter, says you won’t be disappointed.

“Chile is considered by many to be a winemaker’s paradise. It has a very long growers season, and there are cooling influences from the Andes mountains that help to contribute to more complex wines,” says Dotter. The celebration of south-of-the-border wines began the first day of the month, but you still have until the 18th to take part. Visit for a list of participating restaurants, hotels, and wine shops that will be offering either vino by the glass or free samplings. You’ll probably find some spots you’re familiar with, like Michy’s, Vine Wine Shop, and Emeril’s. What you won’t find is your neighborhood corner store.
Nov. 7-18, 2007


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