Ninety-Five Strikes

Third time’s a charm, optimists say. So the 95th time must be extra-lucky, right? The Miami Marlins’ starting lineup was the organization’s 95th variation this year, an embarrassingly high, however unsurprising, number. “I like the lineup we had,” Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen told reporters after a 3-2 loss to Colorado. “I don’t like the way we produced, but it was a pretty strong lineup when you look around, with Boni and [Ruggiano], and Ruggie had a great day.” Plagued by injuries, shoddy pitching, very little run support, and upper management’s we-won’t-call-this-a-fire-sale-but-it’s-really-a-fire-sale stunt, the Marlins’ 2012 has proven to be a bust. But the stadium still rocks! Who cares if the Fish are in last place and more than 20 games out from the lead? The $634 million ballpark came with the friggin’ Clevelander. And on Labor Day, you can celebrate the socioeconomic impact of America’s workforce from the bar’s swimming pool at Marlins Park (1380 NW Sixth St., Miami).
Mon., Sept. 3, 1:10 p.m., 2012


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