The most expensive starfish you've ever seen
The most expensive starfish you've ever seen


THU 21

Ladies and gents, we introduce the Whack-a-Mole of the dance world -- Dance Dance Revolution. The DDR craze hit Japan before spreading to the youth of America, among whom it's caught on like the common cold. DDR is an interactive video game. You hit four large buttons with your feet in time to the beat of the music. DDR takes out of the video game genre the elements of glazed-over vision and carpal tunnel and introduces some much-needed exercise. The player with the best rhythm wins the game. If you are a DDR enthusiast or just part of the curious public, a competition is coming your way. The AMD64 Dance Dance Revolution Challenge takes place this evening at 6:00 at the Fountainbleau Hilton Resort, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. Admission is free. Call 305-538-2000. (TS)

FRI 22

One of the more obvious, ostentatious impacts of hip-hop culture can be seen in the world of fine jewelry. There's been a steady increase in sales of precious metal teeth, diamond earrings have grown bigger and flashier, and pendants and medallions have taken on toy-like qualities, transforming from tasteful status symbols into shiny, spinning, jewel-encrusted discs half the size of dinner plates. How can I possibly top the rappers I see on TV, you ask? Kick it old school, my friend. Get yourself some bling with a little patina on it at The Antique Jewelry, Watch, and Fine Silver Show. To herald the beginning of antiquing season, hundreds of dealers will sell estate jewelry, fine silver, gemstones of every hue, and designer wrist and pocket watches all weekend long at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach. Call 305-532-3467, or visit (PEGY)

SAT 23

Remember that awesome Simpsons episode where Johnny Cash played the voice of this mystical coyote compelling Homer to "find his soulmate?" Well, that one all started with a chili cookoff, where Police Chief Wiggum laced his cauldron with Guatemalan insanity peppers. We hope nobody at the Chili Cook-off for Hospice Care would dare add hallucinogenic spices to their stew, but we're sure these chili connoisseurs will turn up the heat something fierce. Judges will determine winners based on aroma, texture, presentation, front-end taste, and back-end taste. Stuff your face with hot, spicy chili, wash it all down with some cold brewskis, and simultaneously help to raise funds for patients diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses throughout South Florida. Make your tastebuds scream "ay caramba!" starting at noon, at the Big Dog Saloon, 2283 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors. Admission is free. Chili cook-off team entry fee is $40. To enter your recipe call 954-561-4304. (PEGY)

SUN 24

If someone yells "go fly a kite" at you today, don't get your panties in a twist. They might simply be telling you to head out to the twelfth annual Kitetoberfest Kite Festival. All ages are invited to enjoy paper kite building classes, candy drops from high-flying kites, and demonstrations. There will also be competitions for both children and adults, with prizes awarded to the highest-flying kite, most unusual kite, best homemade kite, biggest kite, and the kite with the longest tail. If you were a C student in arts and crafts, worry not. You can just lie on a beach blanket and enjoy the spectacle of hundreds of kites floating through the air, along with music, food, and refreshments. Give your eyes a treat at one of the more colorful and innocent celebrations hosted on Miami Beach starting at noon, at Haulover Park, 10800 Collins Ave. Call 786-897-3370. (PEGY)

MON 25

Drug use often starts out as youthful folly. But most older folks need drugs just to get through the day, and not the kinds you can score in a teeny plastic baggie from Mr. Sketchy on the street corner. Senior Rx Savings Week, a six-day, free, bilingual educational program, will help abuelita navigate the maze that is the Medicare drug discount program. Bring your medicines to the Jefferson Reaves, Sr. Health Center, 1009 NW 5th Ave. Call 305-577-0093, ext. 300. (PEGY)

Stepping back into everyday society after spending time in the slammer can be tough. Background checks aside, most make their living at under-the-table jobs with little pay and no benefits. So Transition, Inc. (390 NW Second Street) is looking for volunteers to help inmates look for work upon release. Help counsel inmates on employment opportunities and curb crime in the community at the same time. If you're feeling charitable, call 305 374-1987. (TS)

TUE 26

At the height of their popularity, the members of Led Zeppelin were quite the shit-stirrers. On tour, they took to towns like invaders leaving their mark on females and spawning steamy rumors that to this day have been neither confirmed nor denied. Jimmy Page is said to have traveled with a suitcase full of whips and kept groupies captive. Then there's the story of the entire band attacking a female reporter from Life magazine. Oh, and the unfortunate incident with a fan and a fish. Frontman and Robert Plant even had a name for his conquests: tour amours. While you'll have to await the tell-all book for more, you can catch Page and Plant on the big screen in "No Quarter: Unledded." The film features performances from 1994 when Page and Plant reunited. Tonight at 9:30 Led Zeppelin hits UA Movies @ The Falls, 9000 SW 136th St. Tickets range between $12.50 and $15. Visit (TS)

WED 27

In our overworked, attention-deficit- disorder society, instant gratification is key. Short films, half-hour sitcoms, six-minute abs, and fast food chains all benefit from this. Long gone are the weekly TV movies, Sunday drives, and four-course meals. In honor of the shorties, the Entertainment Industry Incubator's seventh annual Collaboration...A Short Film Contest comes to Miami. The event billed as a guerilla filmmaking challenge will award the first place winners $75,000 worth of Florida production services, giving those involved just enough dough to start working on that big-budget film. The contest takes place tonight at 7:00, at the Wyndham Grand Bay, 2669 S. Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove. Call 305-858-9600. (TS)


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