Nice Throw!

In the two years since Don Carter’s Kendall Lanes closed, you’ve been in a gutter of grief. Your bowling shoes have a layer of dust on them and your ball has lost its gleam. Since then, the closest you’ve been to knocking down pins is the virtual alley of your Nintendo Wii. The announcer heralding your strikes and spares might reassure you, but being out there in a real alley with a DJ and flashing lights and crowds of teenagers makes for a much better experience. If you haven’t hit the lanes recently, allow us to refresh your memory on the hottest spots for rolling balls, so to speak.

If you hate the greasy French fries and hot dogs at regular alleys, get your bowl on at Lucky Strike (1691 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach). The vibe is South Beach-snazzy from the balls to the shoes, and you can order a tuna burger and some of those trendy mac and cheese balls while you whip your strike back into shape. Visit At Strike Miami (11401 NW 12th St., Miami), the fancy bowling flavor hits Dolphin Mall for family-friendly good times. On weekend nights, the place can be so packed it feels like a nightclub. But with two big-ass bars and bumpin’ hip-hop music, it’s a great place to pick up a spare. Visit For those who prefer the “classic” bowling experience — wherein you’re more likely to meet a league of overweight middle-age dudes than faux-hawked douchetards sporting sunglasses indoors — head to Bird Bowl (9275 Bird Rd., Miami). If you haven’t been to this place in years, welcome to your middle and high school past all over again. Sixty lanes, cheap beer, no black lights, no bullshit. Just you, your rented shoes, and the ball — the way it should be. Visit
Wed., Sept. 3, 2008


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