Newspaper's Lament

The Imperfectionists, the debut novel from Tom Rachman, perfectly portrays a group of journalists at a dying newspaper. Is it truly the end of the print era? What will happen to all the old-timers looking for a scoop? Can they adapt? Or will they rot at the merciless hands of technology? Rachman’s fictional tale answers these questions with hilarity, insight, and memorable characters. Journalism has always been a wacky world filled with people who call you by your last name and make unreasonable requests. (“Smithstein! We needed that copy yesterday!”) The author, a former journalist turned novelist based in London, successfully captures the dramatic roller coaster of the newsroom in its twilight. The Imperfectionists was one of the most acclaimed books of 2010, and Brad Pitt’s production company has already optioned the story for the big screen. Join Rachman as he celebrates the release of the paperback edition at Books & Books.
Wed., Jan. 12, 8 p.m., 2011


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