New Holistic Health Center in Buena Vista Knows What Your Body Needs

According to Janet Galipo, everyone on the planet needs BodyTalk, but chances are few amongst us have actually heard about it. So what is it? BodyTalk is officially described as "a novel complimentary and alternative medicine that is best classified as mind-body medicine; addressing the physical, emotional, and social aspects of health and is therefore ideally suited to address the complexity of chronic pain conditions."

To put it more simply, trained BodyTalk practitioners such as Galipo say they have the ability to communicate with an individual’s body by subtly moving their arm/wrist. In return, the person’s body will tell them what it needs to be well. The last step in a typical BodyTalk session involves the practitioner lightly tapping the clients’ head and sternum to activate the brain and electromagnetic field of the heart so that the body can internalize the treatment.

The therapy has its roots in Chinese medicine and the goal is for clients to feel better after just a single session and to be completely healed from their symptoms in three to six sessions.

Galipo and her team at the recently opened 2BeHealthy Holistic Health Services in Buena Vista want to make BodyTalk accessible to the general public. An express session (20 minutes) costs $39 and walk-ins are encouraged. “People start feeling different on so many levels after one to two sessions, they’ll tell us they have more energy, sleep better, their digestion is better, and so on,” says Galipo.

In addition to BodyTalk, the center offers massage therapy, nutritional and herbal consults, acupuncture and reflexology. The holistic expert says she opened 2BeHealthy with the intention of providing combined therapies based on the belief that people need to be approached in different ways in order to be healed. She has been practicing holistic medicine for 30 years but got into BodyTalk 15 years ago when one of her acupuncture colleagues encouraged her to see the founder, Dr John Veltheim, in Sarasota.

Initially, even she had her reservations about the treatment. However, when a client from Columbia came to her to be cured of a facial tick she has had for ten years, Galipo decided to try the alternative medicine on her in addition to the acupuncture the woman had flown in for. Sure enough, the client’s neurological condition corrected itself right on the table after Galipo used the tapping technique. The turret-like tick never returned and Galipo knew BodyTalk was the real deal. Since then, she’s trained over 1000 students and taught the method around the world.

According to Galipo, we as a society suffer from a great deal of trauma that we carry around daily. Consequently, by talking to the body via BodyTalk, practitioners can identify that trauma and in turn rid the body of it. Simply by moving the client’s arm and wrist, the therapists here say they can know something so specific such as whether the individual went through a trauma at, say, age three.

That said, BodyTalk isn’t in competition with doctors says Galipo, and she would never tell a customer not to take their heart medicine or not to see their physician. Indeed, the treatment works best for what Galipo calls "subclinical issues" such as stomach pains, chronic fatigue, depression, and even infertility.

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