New Headphones From Jersey Shore's Pauly D and 50 Cent: Five Features We'd Love to See

50 Cent has officially lost his street credibility.

In a shocking move, the entertainment mogul has announced a partnership with Jersey Shore star Paul DelVecchio to "develop a full line of headphones."

When he's not (allegedly) picking up STDs 'round the Jersey shore, DelVecchio--best known by his 13-year-old fans and fist-pumping bros as Pauly D--can be found in the DJ booth spinning records. The spray-tanned dude's been DJing since he was 16 and recently signed to 50 Cent's new label G-Note Records.

Details surrounding the headphones won't be available until the second quarter of this year. But if this product is going to adorn the heads (and necks?) of the Jersey Shore elite, we've come up with a few suggested features that could really seal the deal.

New Headphones From Jersey Shore's Pauly D and 50 Cent: Five Features We'd Love to See

Jersey Shore Hood Rat Noise-Canceling Option

Dogs barking, children crying, obese folks chewing -- anything but the sound of Jersey Shore hood rats yapping, please. In a perfect world, the orangey gals of Seaside Heights would come equipped with a mute button. Sadly, we live in an imperfect society and have to depend on modern technology to block out unwanted noise.

Available in Black, Blue, White and Spray Tan

A touch of gold, peppered with a little orange and a dash of skin cancer -- getting the spray tan pigment just right on a pair of $300 headphones is going to prove quite challenging. But so what? Nothing matches an Ed Hardy workout shirt better than Mystic Tan-colored headphones at the gym. Hell, Pauly D could even team up with his castmate, The Situation, who just launched his own line of spray tanner.

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