New Best Friend

Valentines are not always dressed in gold, smothered in dark chocolate, or packaged in crinkly paper. Happiness is also found in a pat on the head or in an open invitation to a warm lap. And though this is not the champagne room at a strip club, the Open Your Heart and Your Home Adoption Awareness Event will offer a singles’ booth and a pooch smooch at the kissing booth. So what if the puckerer has a hairy back? Admit it: so does your beau. Check out the Miami Dade Animal Services event and consider adopting a dog or cat. You might just find a keeper who doesn’t use your razor or complain about your pantyhose drying over the shower stall. Highlights include free digital safety ID cards for newly adopted pets, training advice, and photos. The tail-wagging begins tonight at 5:00 and continues through 9:00 at the Animal Services Shelter. Unlike other Valentine’s Day related shwag, this event is free. Call 305-805-1778, or visit
Sat., Feb. 11


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