Natural One

In a city like Miami, it can seem like nothing is truly natural. There’s processed food in our restaurants, fluorescent colors in our clothing; hell, half the boobs in this town are made of silicone. Even Miami Beach, home to the Bass Museum (2100 Collins Ave., Miami Beach), isn’t a “natural” destination; it’s built on a coral reef, made in part by imported sand. So there’s no better place for an art exhibit like “Unnatural,” a group show at the Bass focused on the tension between the natural and unnatural in society, science, and other aspects of modern life. Twenty-four artists and artist teams have contributed work, including Meirav Heiman and Yossi Ben Shoshan’s freaky, three-screen video installation titled Sperm Whale, in which the title beast floats disconnectedly across the blue background, and Rose-Lynn Fisher’s closeups of bee parts, titled Bee Series, that look more like visions of a sci-fi future than the present-day state of nature. It’s enough to make you feel affected, abnormal — artificial, even. But don’t worry. That’s a perfectly natural reaction.
Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: Sept. 9. Continues through Nov. 4, 2012


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