MySpace Latino Connecting or Segregating?

Earlier this month, MySpace Latino officially launched in yet another corporate bid to milk a bilingual market.

MySpace Latino is teaming up with South Florida based Spanish Broadcasting System to add people in a project, "We Want a Million Friends," and SBS will offer users access to its radio and TV personalities.

That's all well and good if the intent behind the site is to beef up the offerings to an under served bilingual, community of MySpace users.

But targeting Spanish-speakers in the United States, many of whom already freely use MySpace (now, presumably, Non Latino) seems antithetical to one of the concepts behind social networking. Is it segregating or connecting?

In other MySpace news: the networking hub expanded to South Korea this week. Would it not be utopian if users MySpace Latino, MySpace South Korea and plain ol' MySpace could somehow be connected? I'd rather have friends in MySpace South Korea and Latino than Jenna Sexxxy who, by the way, is not my real friend.

--Janine Zeitlin


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