My First, My Fist, My Bleeding Seeded Spirit at Artistic Vibes Through December 8

The last time we left The House of Bernarda Alba — Federico Lorca's haunting 1936 tragedy about a domineering Spanish mother and her five daughters — one of Bernarda's offspring was dead by a self-inflicted hanging. The saga lives on, more than 70 years later, in the form of Megan Breen's My First, My Fist, My Bleeding Seeded Spirit, a revisitation of the Bernarda Alba characters, this time in the form of a murder mystery. Bernarda is found dead in the New Mexico desert, and it's up to her surviving daughters to put the pieces together while dealing with the news in various, sometimes extreme ways. The sexual repression that was so prevalent in Lorca's original finally attains erotic liberation in Breen's sequel, which is just as inspired by Anaïs Nin as by the source material. Director Ricky J. Martinez directs a cast of eight for New Theatre in a production that ran into a hitch its opening night when water issues prevented the company's host venue, the Roxy Performing Arts Center, from opening. Martinez and company rallied the troops to open the show in a bare-bones format at Artistic Vibes.


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