MVP of the MPC

Modern dance music is plagued with hacks. Some of the biggest DJs in the world play to crowds of tens of thousands and bring home even more in greenbacks, and they aren’t even doing much but pressing Play. The forums and blogs are full of whispers of ghost-writing and other shameful, exploitative tactics. It’s enough to make a true music fan physically ill. But don’t turn your back on the beat just yet. Salvation for the purists comes to Mekka (950 NE Second Ave., Miami) in the form of a man armed with skill, finesse, and unparalleled originality. His live sets are awe-inspiring, his fingers move like lightning, and he calls himself AraabMuzik. Blending hip-hop beats and heavy bass, his live performances are rare and absolutely electrifying. With the MPC as his weapon of choice, he lashes against the machine’s buttons, loaded with all manner of instruments, samples, cues, and effects. He’s more than just a DJ; he’s a bona fide musician and artist. Rest assured, no two sets or on-the-fly edits will ever sound the same. Dance to AraabMuzik, and remember why you loved beats in the first place. The show starts Saturday at 10 p.m., and tickets cost $15 to $25. Call 305-371-3773 or visit
Sat., Feb. 15, 10 p.m., 2014


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