Music Is a Trip

Amanita muscaria are magic mushrooms with red caps and white spots, the same ones that transported Alice to Wonderland. The technically poisonous fungi are eaten worldwide, rarely cause death, and pack more psychedelic punch than a Ken Kesey uppercut. The friendly fungus is native to Siberia, where the ancient shamans of the snowy desert used them for musico-spiritual journeys through inner space and outer consciousness. Those mushrooms also grow around Eugene, Oregon, where sound explorer RJD2 first popped up in 1976. Since then, he has gone on to produce tons of musical spores that have opened sonic portals in the minds of listeners worldwide. He’s also the man behind “A Beautiful Mine,” the theme song to hit TV show Mad Men. The dude is based in Philly and has clocked hits in formats from hip-hop to indie to electronica. Thursday at 8 p.m., he’ll glide through the land of Psilocybe cubensis (that means Florida) and spark our audio hallucinations at the intimate Living Room Sessions at Bardot.
Thu., Jan. 12, 8 p.m., 2012


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