Movoto's Clichéd Reasons For Dating a "Hialeahan" Misrepresent the City

Movoto's Clichéd Reasons For Dating a "Hialeahan" Misrepresent the City
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"A Hialeahan Will Bring You Un Cafecito In Bed Every Morning"

All right, so you'll never wake up in Hialeah without the smell of fresh cafecito lingering in the air. But there are some bad Hialeahans out there (you know who you are) who can't even stand the smell of cafecito.


"Not To Brag... But Everyone Is Beautiful In Hialeah"

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OK, this is true... except we're not all tan, as the article points out, because we're too busy working and don't have time to sunbathe on the beach. They don't call us the City of Progress for nothin'.


"A Hialeah Really Does Enjoy Long Walks On The Beach"

And so does everyone else in the 305.


"With A Hialeahan By Your Side Life Is Just A Little Sweeter"

With the sugary goodness of pastelitos de queso y guayaba on almost every street corner and a brand new Krispy Kreme storefront, life with a Hialeahan by your side is definitely sweeter.

Movoto's Clichéd Reasons For Dating a "Hialeahan" Misrepresent the City
Photo by Alex Broadwell

"And They Know All The Most Exciting Date Spots"

Like in most major urban cities, Downtown is the epicenter of it all, but with the newly restored Hialeah Park, Milander Auditorium, and the bike trails and extreme water sports at Amelia Earhart Park, the City of Progress is a cultured city within itself. And Forbes once named it the most boring city in the country. Lame.


"Hialeahans Aren't Afraid To Show You Their Passionate Side"

Latinos in general are passionate people...but not so much about Dan Marino, as Movoto claims. Now, when it comes to el Miami Heat, don't even get us started. Have you ever seen la 49 after a Heat playoff or Finals victory? It's a total casuela pachanga.


"Folks in Hialeah Will Pamper You With Relaxing Days On The Beach"

...Except there are no beaches in Hialeah.

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