Mountain Man

Book-readings are usually less about the book and more about the nerdy joy of meeting the author. But tonight at 7:30 at the Lincoln Theatre, you can get your literary rocks off with a dash of cultural theater thrown in for fun. Charles Frazier, best known for his best-selling and award-winning Civil War road novel Cold Mountain, will be reading from his new epic adventure story, Thirteen Moons. Like Cold Mountain, which told the story of a Confederate soldier who deserts the military to head home, Thirteen Moons is a nineteenth-century story of a man’s spiritual journey and its ties to the Indians of the Cherokee Nation.

The reading will be preceded by a flutist performing traditional Cherokee tunes, passages of the book will be read in the Cherokee tongue, and an academic who specializes in Cherokee literature will also be on hand.
Wed., Dec. 13, 8 p.m.


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