Mother's Day 2012: The Ten Worst Moms in the History of Ever

As Mother's Day approaches, we're reminded of the tireless efforts of the women who lovingly raised us into the neuroses-plagued adults we are today. They cooked for us, they cleaned up after us, they dressed our wounds and taught us manners. And along the way, they left us with more than a few emotional battle scars.

But despite the many flaws of our maternal role models, most of us should thank our lucky stars. After all, it could have been worse. Much worse.

Just take a look at this list of abusers, murderers, and straight-up sociopaths. You'll be kissing your momma's feet in no time, even though you're still mad at her for dressing you up as a Care Bear on Halloween years ago.

Ah, the serene visage of motherhood.
Ah, the serene visage of motherhood.
Wikipedia CC

10. If you're not old and boring like we are, you might not know about Mommy Dearest,

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the infamous memoir in which screen legend Joan

Crawford's daughter accused her of adopting children for publicity

purposes, having countless affairs with men (and women) and forcing her

kids to call them "uncle," and generally being an unbalanced, abusive

alcoholic. Picture perfect, she was not.

Hatchlings: There can be only one.
Hatchlings: There can be only one.
Wikipedia CC

9. The

African Black Eagle (a bitchy bird if there ever was one) usually lays

two eggs, then proceeds to feed only one of the chicks. What happens to

the other feathered newborn? Its sibling pecks it to death, while mom

looks on, maternal instincts be damned.

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