What?!? Everyone in the audience got in for free?!
What?!? Everyone in the audience got in for free?!
Photo by: Ken Howard

More Than 2,000 Free Opera Tickets Up for Grabs

These days, we'd be lucky if we could afford to see a soap opera on network TV, let alone an opera at the Arsht Center. But thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation, even the unemployed now have a chance to see fat ladies sing. Florida Grand Opera is giving away 1,100 pairs of tickets to the April 26 performance of Carmen. That's quite a deal considering regular tickets top off at almost $300.

FGO is hoping a no-strings-attached, free viewing of Carmen, one of the most popular operas of all time, whets your appetite for more opera. It's a heated love triangle, involving gypsies and bullfighters in Spain. Carmen even picks a catfight. Think of it as an elaborate, song-filled staging of your favorite Univision telenovela.

Here's how to score the free tickets: Sign up on the Florida Grand Opera website, or for the computer-impaired, mail your info to: Carmen Ticket Giveaway c/o Florida Grand Opera P.O. Box 561837, Miami.

However you send your entry, just make sure it's there by midnight April 5.


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