More Fish to Fry

The Deering Seafood Festival is an annual relaxing, family friendly event that cajoles not only youngsters but also naturalists and fish lovers into eating up the fun. The Deering Estate at Cutler doesn’t receive as much airplay as Vizcaya or Coral Castle, but it is just as lush and resplendent. And today its dazzling, serene setting showcases not only historic home and garden tours but also a bevy of delicious delights: gourmet cooking demonstrations, a honky tonk rock concert by Rough Shot, and the seafood feast. Kids have even more fish to fry: There is a nature scavenger hunt, a giant slide, a rock climbing wall, and a concert by interactive percussionist Steve Gryb the Pied Piper. Admission is $15 for adults, $5 for children under thirteen, and free for members. Call 305-233-5858, or visit
Sun., April 9


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