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It’s a spectacular barrage of percussion and music! It’s a display of magic and illusion! It’s one of the running gags from Arrested Development! That’s right, Blue Man Group is coming to Miami. The Group’s current How to Be a Megastar 2.0 tour finds everyone’s favorite monochromatic performance art group traveling with an eight-piece band -- as well as multimedia artist and DJ Mike Relm -- simulating (and sending up) the experience of an arena rock concert. In addition to being fun for the kiddies, the show is apparently “a critique of modern technology and information overload.” A bit like Thoreau, I guess, if Thoreau splattered neon paint everywhere and hit you with an airborne chunk of Jell-O every couple of chapters.

Of course, this is all the more hilarious in light of the Group’s recurring cameo on the late, great comedy series Arrested Development, where it serves as the obsessive fixation of dysfunctional therapist Dr. Tobias Fünke. Expect that show’s cultlike following to be out in force today with inside jokes and lines of Blue-related dialogue.
Tue., Feb. 27, 7:30 p.m.


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