Momma Said

History has given us a great deal of endearing maternal figures to look up to: Mother Teresa, Mother Jones, Mother Goose, Mother Hubbard. Miami's art scene has been blessed with a "Momma" of its own, and it's banded together to celebrate her in a gallery show tonight. More than 50 artists will debut portraits, caricatures and other representations of Myra Wexler, a 64-year-old art maven who has been a prominent figure in the Wynwood art scene since its fledgling days, at her latest gallery exhibit, "Yo Momma in the House." If you haven't met Wexler, you might wonder what could have possessed so many artistic individuals to create works honoring her. But if you know the woman, you know her swagger alone would tell Kanye's to sit down and shut up. "I'm accountable to no one, so I'm out there suiting up every day. Windows open and I want to be visible in my community," Wexler said.
Wed., Sept. 19, 6-10 p.m., 2012


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