Mlle. Fontaine’s Not Here

It seems like the easiest possible way to make art: Draw up a set of exacting blueprints and then hire a bunch of lackeys and gophers to carry out the fine details of your grand plans for dominating the worldwide art system. That's what Warhol did. And now, that's what Paris-based multimedia superstar Claire Fontaine appears to be doing. Except Mlle. Fontaine doesn't actually exist.

Formed in 2004, this so-called collective artist is really a group of people that created a fictional character, named it for a famous French paper company, and began making conceptual art from pre-existing materials such as tennis balls, vacuum cleaners, and sawed-off shotguns. Most notoriously, there's a 2006 sculptural piece titled Change, basically a dozen American quarters equipped with retractable razor blades.
Tuesdays-Sundays, 2010


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