Mixed Movement

Out of the cage came Eve,

escaping, escaping.

She was clothed in her skin like the sun


Ros Warby

Miami City Ballet, 2200 Liberty Ave, Miami Beach

Friday and Saturday, December 5 and 6 at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, December 7 at 1:00 p.m. Tickets cost $25. Call 305-576-4350.

and her ankles were not for sale.

--Anne Sexton

Exploring the multifaceted roles of the primordial mother and asserting their simultaneity are the ambitious goals of Eve, an original piece Australian dancer/choreographer Ros Warby will present in SOLOS, her South Florida choreography debut. In Warby's dance vocabulary, mother, daughter, lover, and sister do not exist as rites of passage (one role ending where the other begins), but rather as multiple expressions of a singular humanity.

Warby will showcase more than just her own work in SOLOS. She also will highlight dances by two mentors: fellow Australian Lucy Guerin and American choreography legend Deborah Hay. Warby is a member of the Lucy Guerin Dance Company, which Miami Light Project presented here last April. Having worked extensively with Guerin and Hay, Warby, in her program notes, describes their approach to choreography as "from seemingly radically opposite directions, but linked by specificity and rigor."

Following Eve, a short piece by Guerin called Living with Surfaces will explore the malleability of the spaces in which we live. The final piece in the show is an adaptation of Hay's Fire, in which Warby dons a simple white leotard and headband and performs without a musical score. As Warby poses questions directly to herself and the audience, the linear boundaries of dance as a wordless narrative dissolve.

SOLOS, beyond exploring the archetype of Eve, is an excellent opportunity to witness a top-notch dancer/choreographer execute three radically distinct styles. As Rebekah Lengel, program manager for Miami Light Project, notes, Warby boasts a movement language that is "very elegant and well choreographed. At the same time, she uses lots of movement from everyday life. The result is very idiosyncratic."


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