Miss Cleo? Umm, No.

So far you’ve just been trudging through life, taking things one drink at a time, one puff at a time, or even one-night-stand at a time. We applaud your mastery of the art of instant gratification, but we also think it’s high time you came up with some type of plan. Today at Close Encounters of the Psychic Kind, vendors will set up shop at Brownes & Co. to tell you things about your past and present that will help you create a more enjoyable future. But this isn’t some Dr. Phil fest: A handful of enlightened souls will be on hand to perform acts of astrology and numerology, tarot card readings, massages, and holistic therapy.

Need your chakras balanced? How about some intuitive counseling? Maybe a lesson in past-life regression is what you need. Choose your cure, because from 1 to 5 p.m., whether it’s about love, career, health, or all three, if you have questions, the answers will follow. Entry is free and services start at $15.
Sun., June 1, 2008


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