Mind over Manners

Mind over Manners

SAT 10/11

In a world where high-schoolers need to be schooled on the overuse of the N-word, it's no wonder getting old-school manners means going back to school. The Kid's Village Youth Etiquette Camp gives youngsters the cues they need to gracefully navigate through precarious social events like greeting our nation's leader. Former high school English teacher Lynne Moore runs these seminars. She's taught etiquette for 5 years and is certified by the same protocol outfit that teaches the Joint Chiefs of Staff how to mind their own P's and Q's. Not only will young folks, ages 9 to 13, learn the art of the thank-you letter, the left-handed nuances of continental dining, and how to appropriately answer a phone through role-playing exercises, but the course also promises to fine-tune attention skills. This way should your kid actually score a meeting with the Prez, he or she will have the necessary aplomb to rescue the moment should our beloved leader mistake his right hand for his left, as George W. did during a recent press conference. -- By Victor Cruz

Youth Etiquette Camp takes place from 9:00 a.m. to noon today and Saturday, October 18, at the Doral Kid's Village, 4874 NW 31st Terr. Cost is $95. Call 305-471-4417.

FRI 10/10

Miniature Maestros

Cultivating creativity in kids

All those after-school hours Junior squanders chatting online or raising his Grand Theft Auto video game score really could be devoted to higher pursuits, like becoming the next great kiddie visual artist. Tonight at 7:00 the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center's (6161 NW 22nd Ave.) After School Arts Academy's Open House will give your family an idea of how it's done. The 20-year-old program provides children between the ages of 6 and 16 training in the visual and performing arts. Classes range from concert chorus to watercolors to jazz dance. Grads have gone on to prestigious institutions of higher learning such as the Juilliard School of Music and Columbia University. Some even help support their parents! Admission is free. Call 305-638-6771. -- By Nina Korman


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