Miami's Rich Can Buy a Ticket to a World Without Gravity

For $5,000, you could be this cat.

On Thursday, May 8, the Zero G Corp. is bringing their magic, gravity-eating machine to the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

How does it work? Well, first you buy a $5,000 ticket. Then, from what we can gather, you go up in a regular old plane and skilled pilots dip and dive in patterns called "parabolas." When the plane reaches a specific arc over the horizon, those on board will feel the pull of 1.8 Gs. You then unbuckle your seatbelts, toss your cookies, and experience the same weightlessness enjoyed by Martians on Mars. We're pretty sure this has happened once on one of our flights and everybody just screamed.

Is eight minutes of floating not long enough? Then shell out $6,800 for the

Platinum Experience, which includes one more minute of floating (wha?

that's it?) and a night in a hotel room (floating must cause


Stephen Hawking has done it, so has Nicole Kidman.

But is it safe? We're not sure. All we can tell you is that Zero G's

magic, gravity-eating machine is FAA-approved.


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