Miami's Most Extravagant Valentine's Day Experiences

We hear fast cars impress the ladies.
We hear fast cars impress the ladies.
freefotouk, Flickr

They say money can't buy love. But "they" are obviously not from Miami, the "filthy rich old men driving around with 22-year-old wannabe supermodels sitting in the passenger seats of their red Ferraris" capital of the world.

Let's put the anti-Hallmark bullshit aside and be frank: Valentine's Day is all about wooing your significant other, and when money is no object, you can tug on those heartstrings with even mightier force. We're not talking about boxes of fancy chocolates or two dozen crimson roses. We're talking about chartering aircrafts, hiring private chefs, and other over-the-top ridiculousness.

Here's what Miami suitors willing to go to the ends of the Earth (or at least their pockets) for their gold-digging lovers are spending their money on this year.

Miami's Most Extravagant Valentine's Day Experiences

Steamy couples' spa treatments

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Couples that spa together stay together. That's what the Mandarin

Oriental claims, anyway. The hotel's doing its civic duty by lowering divorce

rates with a romantic (read: pricey) spa treatment for two. The Couples

Delight costs $720 per person, for two hours of pampering and muscle tension

relief. Treatments take place side by side in a lush VIP couples' suite

with waterfront views. Plus, the experience comes with a bottle of champagne and macarons, and everyone knows that macarons are like The Real

Housewives; every girl loves 'em. $360 per hour -- that's reasonable, right?

Miami's Most Extravagant Valentine's Day Experiences

Wooing, Mission Impossible-style

Don't you just hate it when Miami traffic throws cold water on your romantic plans? There's one sure-fire way to avoid that fate: hire a private

aircraft. Chartering a helicopter with

Helicopters Over Miami for a one-hour sunset aerial tour of the city

comes with a $700 price tag. Few things make the heart beat irregularly

like a helicopter ride 6,000 feet above the ground. Just try to stay in the wooing mood, rather than geeking out on all the gadgets in the cockpit. Nothing kills a date faster than showing interest in another man's joystick.

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