Miami New Times Seeks Writers for Night&Day and Cultist

Miami New Times Seeks Writers for Night&Day and Cultist

Miami New Times has immediate openings for writers for the

Night&Day calendar section and online culture blog, Cultist. For

N&D, ideal candidates should be able to pen an event preview that is

as enjoyable as the event itself. For the blog, we're looking for any

Upcoming Events

cultural coverage that showcases quality writing: profiles, Q&As,

reviews, funny lists, rants, and experimental fiction. We even pay this writer to pretend he's various local animals and this artist to tweak out some animated gifs.

To paraphrase that guy who wrote Fear and Loathing,

it's a damned shame that (arts) journalism is overrun with dullards,

bums, and hacks -- that's it's ripe with apathy and complacence, and

generally stuck in a bog of stagnant mediocrity. If you share this

sentiment, we'd like you to write for us.

Please note, we are not looking for snark for snark's sake -- we consider

that the Chlamydia of the blogosphere. We'd much prefer a tone that

makes use of your wit, judgement, and empathy. If

you feel the urge to reflexively snigger at pop culture and its victims,

this is not the format for you.

To apply, send your resume and two short writing samples to Due to the volume of applications we receive,

we will only contact those who meet our questionably loose

requirements. No phone calls, please. We recently threw our phone out

the damn window.

Follow Cultist on Facebook and Twitter @CultistMiami.

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