Miami Mike’s Mementos

“Miami” Mike Hiscano saves what others throw away. The ephemeral trinkets that people regularly abandon — monogrammed china, postcards, rinky-dink souvenirs from tourist attractions — these are Hiscano’s prized treasures. These are the artifacts that you’ll never find in a fancy museum. “Big, formal museums have benefactors and are curated to follow a specific theme or subject. You see real history live in a thrift store or flea market,” he declares. Miami Mike’s greatest pride is his collection of hotel silverware. “I often muse about who may have eaten off my hotel silver. Maybe Frank Sinatra, FDR, Sidney Poitier, Desi Arnaz, and Lucille Ball! They all enjoyed holidays here in the Miami sun,” he says. History buffs and curious onlookers can gaze in rapture upon these and many other items of local curiosity at the Dade Heritage Days Miami Memorabilia Collectors Club open house. Members of the club will proudly display their Magic City tchokes, appraise antiques, and remember the good old days.
Mon., April 16


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