Adam Lyons
Adam Lyons
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Miami Men Pay "Pickup Artist" Adam Lyons Big Bucks

Four shy guys pay $7,000 each to learn how to talk to women. A British "pickup artist" named Adam Lyons is their teacher. They try to find true love in one week.

It sounds like the plot of a bad romantic comedy, but it's happening in Miami as we speak. Lyons, who is a self-proclaimed ex-fat kid, is headquartered at the Sagamore Hotel and is giving "intensive training" to a group of 20-somethings this week.

Lyons takes the men out during the afternoon to learn "day game" and to the clubs for "night game." Says his publicist, Harry: "[He] promises to bag these men the girl of their dreams in just 1 week!"

(Bag? Are we hunting waterfowl here?)

One of his clients designs clothes, another publishes books, and all look like average Joes. "Most of them are not looking to be a 'player,'" Harry says, "they just want to get a girlfriend and settle down."

Here's one example of a lesson Lyons gives, called "Creating Social Proof:" If you are a guy surrounded by female friends, then women will find you more attractive. Ladies take note of the company you keep-- that's the proof -- and decide  you are more likely to be cool.

Here at Riptide, we like to call that "Common Sense."


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