I Like Moist Things by Charley Friedman
I Like Moist Things by Charley Friedman

Miami Free Times

We hereby declare that being strapped for cash is no longer a valid excuse for staying home and missing out on all your city's cultural offerings. You can see a movie, catch an art show or two, or perhaps even have a chance to rub hair poofs with the cast of Jersey Shore for exactly zero dollars. Here's a free event for every day of the week.

Monday: Enter Angelica Belin's world of painted lady mannequins at her exhibit "Nikangel's Plastic Temptation" at the Wallflower Gallery.

Tuesday: Try out the Viva La Revolución party at Louis bar inside the Gansevoort South in Miami Beach, where Snookie was recently spotted sans The Situation.

Wednesday: Revel in the colorful playfulness of Charley Friedman's "Magical Powers" show at Gallery Diet.

Thursday: Gregg Araki's Nowhere will be screened at Sweat Records. (Clip here. Described as "90210 on acid," the cult film also has a killer soundtrack, complete with Radiohead, James, Chuck D and Suede.)

Friday: Catch the first day of the Hare Krishna Festival in Coconut Grove and remember when the Grove used to be the stomping ground for bohemians and not a vomitorium for college freshman.


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