Metallic Mangroves and Baseball Beheadings

If you ever wanted to hit replay or pause on the Wynwood art scene, summer is your chance. Exhibits have slowed, and galleries are pulling out old gems to remind you of the good things they own and you don’t. Take “Gallery Projects” at the David Castillo Gallery, where you’ll be greeted by Wendy Wischer’s floor sculpture Angels & Ancestors, a chrome mangrove tree. Less grandiose but no less interesting are Wischer’s laser etchings, titled Fullbleed, where delicate, tree-like forms creep down paper. New Times MasterMind Award winner Susan Lee-Chun’s gilded weightlifting benches, part of her “Everybody Suz-ercise!” installation, are also on display for this summertime retrospective. And Quisqueya Henriquez continues his baseball series with another collage of headless players that form a fractal-like image.
July 10-Aug. 31, 2010


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