Meow Mix

So much is enviable about Australian cabaret revivalist Meow Meow. To start, there’s her pseudonym; it takes guts to ditch your given name in favor of a slinky feline handle. Then there’s her list of collaborators: She has performed with fellow vintage-styled musicians Dresden Dolls, Hedwig and the Angry Inch creator John Cameron Mitchell, and the great David Bowie. There is also, of course, her voice. She is a gifted singer, favoring a throaty trill that falls just this side of camp. Then, frankly, there’s her body. Meow Meow’s ripped physique comes into play frequently throughout her show, which arrives in Miami this weekend courtesy of the Knight Foundation and the Miami Light Project. Though her show is anchored by music, it’s really a multimedia spectacle designed to surprise her audience out of technology-shielded complacency, she explains. Meow Meow can belt out an old Bertolt Brecht song, accompanied by a cellist and pianist, but she’s also a trained ballet dancer who might tap into that talent any given night. She makes frequent use of film, which she’s been known to project onto her belly. Oh, and if the energy is right, she might even crowd-surf. Shy she ain’t.
April 22-23, 8 p.m., 2011


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